To create solutions that make the world more efficient and connected

Our Mission

At R22, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem. How do you create more time?

Everyone is chasing the solution to this problem.

We believe that time is created by making our world a more efficient and connect place. Ai & machine learning have yet to be harnessed in ways that manufacturers of world class products and services can free up valuable time by allowing AI-driven systems to interact with their target audiences. Reaching them more accurately and more contextually.

These integrations will allow our society to do other things. is working hard to make solutions available where our users are really spending their time (and money) on other things.

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions.

Our mission at R22 is to make the economy of integrations more transparent. Today, with the clients we work with, we provide the most efficient tools on the market & insightful data analysts in their respective industries.

We want to make all of these data driven solutions available to as many people as possible (not just the top 5%), so that Artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystems can be used to make the world a better place.

Our team thrives on being that "Maverick" or "Spearhead" thinker you have been looking for to lead you through this fast change world... from marketing, to inventory control, to data science, and now the wonderful opportunity of Ai .

Maverick thinkers are disruptive, and that’s good for their business and some would agree they are good for the world we are living in.

Our founders believe that disruptive questions and habits lead to innovation. In today’s world of quickly changing technology, innovation is critical.

"The status quo is not sustainable, if it feels like things are stable, you haven’t looked hard enough. That’s how fast it’s all changing now."

— an undisclosed Maverick - circa 2016

Our Mission Values List

• Communication comes first, listening is the hardest skill to master and we practise this often.

• A team is built on being open-minded and coachable. We have a team first mentality.

• Continuous thirst for education is the key to developing high aptitudes.

• Teamwork and collaborative innovation is more than a handshake.

• Trustworthiness, commitment and dedication drive our values.

• Transparency comes first, no matter how hard the truth may be to reveal.