Creating solutions that make the world more efficient and connected

We connect technology platforms in ways that create deeper personalizations, innovations in A.I. and enhanced views of the customer journey.

How our process works

“It is much easier to put existing resources to better use, than to develop resources where they do not exist. ” - a disruptive thinker

  • We start by evaluating you and your company's situation
  • Then we offer solutions tailored to your situation to help you the most. These solutions may include one of our Mar-Tech tools, use of our API integrations between the platforms you use or a full-stack overhaul that will help you accelerate.
  • Let our passion and leadership help you future proof your business.


Spearhead is a collaborative project that involves IMS software, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Level Client Data integrations.

Our vision is to begin exploring and building ecosystems that utilize Artificial Intelligence and machine learning protocols to drive all industries forward.

Inventory driven data + Spearhead = A new way to connect.


Find the right R22 Tech Tool for your business .

Selecting the right technology is the key. Our tools or partners include:

  • Inventory focused Mar-Tech tools
  • Website, Marketing budget & Marketing efficiency audit tools
  • Data and Buyer analytics
  • APIs and other integrations

Get started today.


With R22 Group, your next great business acceleration is just around the corner.

Contact us for an initial evaluation and screening process and we will provide you with the proper resources to drive your business to the next level, personally and professionally.

We pride ourselves on our Vanguard mentality. We value strong partnerships.

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Our Partners and Integrations

The connected world is changing fast.

We understand and embrace the fact that the evolution of basic machine learning algorithms will accelerate many technologies that we interact with. Our everyday lives will become much more advanced with the progression of voice recognition, face recognition and other applications. Our team will focus on the best technology integrations possible, so that we may redefine very specific tasks that our clients and users do today.... in business and life.

We encourage you to reach out to us.